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The Battle of Shiloh

January Meeting:  Bibliography, Contact List & Schedule

Click here for information about purchasing maps from Trailhead Graphics; click here to download Microsoft's Powerpoint Viewer (needed to view slide shows if you don't have Microsoft Powerpoint.)

February Meeting: Opening Movements of the Armies

March Meeting: Shiloh Profiles

April Meeting (slide show): The Battle of Shiloh Begins (for this month only, the meeting takes place on the 4th Thursday or April 23)

May Meeting (slide show): The Hornet's Nest, the Peach Orchard, Bloody Pond 

June Meeting: Conclusion of the First Day, the Arrival of Lew Wallace

July Meeting: Day 2: The Confederate Reversal of Fortunes, Forrest at Fallen Timbers

August Meeting: The Battles of Iuka and Corinth

September Meeting: Itinerary Planning

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